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# Posted: 26 May 2011 13:54

Hi to all, from reading some of the forums I feel I am going to be the new dumby on the block but I also feel I'll get a straight answer. This is my problem I have TWC for service. They provide my phone, cable TV and internet service. The cable enters the house and goes to spliter (one side for the TV and the other internet and phone). The internet and phone cable goes to a modem which then splits out the phone and the internet. At this point both are hard wired but the unit does not provide wireless capability. If I want a unit (modem) from TWC that splits out the phone and provides internet capability both hardwired and wireless I have to upgrade AND lease the cost $130+ per year. This really urks me because out of the area Verison and Optimum gives you the unit at no additional cost. So I am looking to purchase my own unit, so far everywhere I go (Staples, Bestbuy, Microcenter) tells me that I would need to get the wireless via a SECOND modem (wireless) so I would basically be adding to the clutter that is already there. Is there a 1 unit does all out there that can be purchased and not leased? I have kept my request as simple (layman terms) as possible because that's about what I can understand, all the technicall terms really lose me. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

# Posted: 26 May 2011 14:37

Shnerdly Holy Cr...That was quick, let's see if I can sum it combinig the the two I would lose security so the best choice IS 2 separte units. I am going to be dumb again for a minute, does that mean that the "single" unit from the provider (TWC) is not secure? And as far as installing the wireless router I assume I would connect the router to the modem/splitter via and ethernet cable (hardwire the same cable I plug into my comupter now) and then just power the router?

Agains THANK YOU for reply so fast I am speechless.

# Posted: 27 May 2011 10:45

Thanks again, and have a great weekend !!

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