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# Posted: 11 May 2009 15:35

I have Charter cable-based internet at my office. Works very well! Charter supplied a combination cable modem/router box that does NOT feature wireless support. I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless-capable router that I recently removed from a different system. I would like to cascade the two routers--i.e., connect the Linksys router to the the Charter router, thereby gaining wireless capability.

Can't get it to work. I have done the obvious things:
-- disabled DHCP in the Linksys router
-- cloned the MAC on the Linksys so that it matches that of the Charter router

But, no dice. From a PC connected to the Charter router, I can't even ping the Linksys router.

Charter tech support doesn't get in to configuration of others' routers (can't blame them).

Any ideas?


# Posted: 12 May 2009 16:03


Got a tech at Charter that knew what he was talking about.

Turns out that Charter Business supplies a box that combines a cable modem with a router.

BUT, by default, they set the router to support only one device, namely, whatever is plugged into socket 1 on the box, and the router capabilities are not used: the box is operated as a cable modem. They do this "because most business customers have a router or something of their own." (Would have been nice to know.)

So, I reset the Linksys router to factory settings (DHCP enabled, no MAC cloning,, etc). Voila!

BTW, if I had thought carefully about what ipconfig had been telling me, I would have been on the way to the solution. Or, if I had plugged my computer into one of the other sockets. Etc.

Anyway, it's working. Thanks for the suggestions.

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