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# Posted: 21 Aug 2007 09:44

I have the internet connection through a modem and then a router to support two laptops. It works untill this weeked. The lights on the modem have only two lights on (power and cable). I noticed that before the data link lights is always blinking to indicate data communications. I called Earthlink and Comcast and the PC vendor (HP) and spend countless hours with the tech, unplug-plug this and that, in the sequence. It still not working. When I check the ip address of the computer, it gives some bad address that the techs indicate to me that my computer went bad and need restore OS (This is nuts, how can my two computers went bad at the same time?). I took one computer to my office today and it works fine with the internet. Can somebody shed some lights what I shall do next?


# Posted: 22 Aug 2007 10:01

I have done the same steps many times. I think the modem got bad. The comcast tech always say that my pc has problem since it can not get a right IP address. I will go to the comcast shop to switch a modem today to see it that works. I don't think the computer is the problem. It works in my office and my two computers can not be gone wrong at the same time. Plus, I connect my two pcs to the router (without the modem), the two computers can get right IP address from the router. Is that possibe that the modem can get IP from the provider (the tech guy said they saw the IP fromt he modem), but it can not pass it to downstream devices?

Thanks for the advice.


# Posted: 27 Aug 2007 14:19

My RCA cable modem/router DCW615R was working fine until Adelphia switched over to Comcast. Then I started having problems with the wireless feature.

I recently got a new laptop with Vista o/s and it worked ok for a few weeks, but now my wireless does not work at all (altho I can pick up neighbor's signals...) Even the Lan connection is sporadic and boots me off.

I thought maybe I had issues with WEP . Since I used to be able to access the modem settings with Adelphia by entering, I thought I would check to see if WEP was enabled.

When I try to check the modem settings via my LAN, I get a requirement to enter my "Comcast Home Networking" user name and password. Apparently "Comcast Home Networking" is an internet service for households with "multiple computers! Not available in my area yet, however.

I suspect Comcast is shooting for additional fees based on number of computers.

Meanwhile I am keep getting "timed-out" when I try to open pages...

BUT HOW CAN I CHECK TO SEE IF IT IS MY ROUTER before I make a change to DSL?


# Posted: 27 Aug 2007 16:31

I changed a new modem and it works now (even though the tech from comcast and earthlink insist the modem is good and the pc shall be the problem. The tech supports in these companies can only know the unplug/plug power of the modem/pc.
Thanks for the guys here for the help.


# Posted: 28 Aug 2007 22:48

I know I am a neophyte but I am not getting paid to be a tech.

It scares me that neither the manf. nor the ISP can help me with my settings which were apparently mysteriously hijacked...

RCA/Thompson blamed Comcast. Outsourced Tech said my modem/router must be working since my laptop picks up my neighbor's signal (huh???)

Comcast Tech said they do not support wireless routers. I wanted to test the modem by temporarily renting a Comcast modem, but I would have had to change my current plan and pay a higher rate. So, a service man will come out Thursday to test my modem vs. a Comcast one.

Amusing anecdote: Whenever I call Comcast, the opening message ALWAYS says "Please be patient - High Call Volume" .

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