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# Posted: 21 Sep 2005 05:57

Louis is correct, but here's the thing. To get two static IP addresses from comcast or any other cable ISP you are going to pay an arm and leg for it You don't need two "static" IP's - what you need are two PC's connected. Static IP's cost alot more monet than regular comcast DHCP renewable IP's - and they still wont let you run a server unless you go business class. It's nearly as costly as getting two totally seperate accounts. For one, you have to have two cable modems registered in thier system, and that in effect creates two accounts. You could just pay 4.95 for a month for another IP address and use a hub or regular switch but again, with your expanation of what you want to do you still need two modems and if you run two modems with two PC's it will cost you a second account. Basically Comcast would give you a discount with the second account.

i have a theory that works for this to work 2 modems off one connection, u must first get a t junction in ur cable connection so that 2 cables can run off the same connection (this can only be done by havin a friend in the cable company who can tamper for u), then u need him 2 do a connection boost for ur connection, (this can also only be done buy someone in the cable company who can tamper), you then need 2 gain access to a modem and a cable gateway, u set up the modem and then the gateway and insert the mac adress from the original into the clone slot of the gateway, thus creating 2 modems with identical mac address, this should IN THEORY show up and register as 1 modem on one connection. (THIS IS ONLY A THEORY IT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED... YET :P)

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